JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace

ScanFlags Enumeration

Namespace:  JoeScan.JCamNet
Assembly:  JoeScan.JCamNetDev (in JoeScan.JCamNetDev.dll)


public enum ScanFlags


Member nameDescription
None Normal scan, no errors detected.
Overrun The scan data is valid but some data at the edges of the scan may be missing.
InternalError An internal error was encountered in the scan head. This data should not be used. This flag is rare and can be caused by scanning extremely fast.
SequenceError A profile sequencing error occurred. This usually indicates that the scanner is being run too fast or the scan queue in the scanner was allowed to overflow. This can happen when the scanner is running in synchronized scan mode but GetQueuedProfiles has not been called for a period of time allowing the internal queue to overfill.