JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace

Scanner..::..OverrideSyncSettings Method

Programmatically override the sync scanning parameters from the param.dat file. Values will be lost if a new param.dat file is loaded, or if the scanner is power-cycled. Must be called on each scanner whose parameters are to be overridden.

Namespace:  JoeScan.JCamNet
Assembly:  JoeScan.JCamNet (in JoeScan.JCamNet.dll)


public void OverrideSyncSettings(
	double timedScanInterval,
	double encoderPulseInterval,
	double encoderScanInterval,
	int numberOfPhases,
	bool timeStaggeredScanning,
	int[] laserPhases,
	bool untriggeredSyncScanning,
	bool startScanRisingEdgeTriggered


Type: Double
The time interval in seconds between scans in TimeSyncMode. Valid values are between 0.0 and 167.7.
Type: Double
The distance between encoder pulses in EncoderSyncMode.
Type: Double
The distance between scans in encoder sync mode, must be greater than the encoderPulseInterval (generally 100x or more).
Type: Int32
Set the number of trigger phases.
Type: Boolean
If true, stagger the scans for different lasers based on a fixed time delay.
Type: array<Int32>[]()[][]
Set the trigger phase for lasers 0 - 4. Any unspecified laser will be given phase 0. The phase value represents the encoder count (for encoder sync mode), or a usec delay value (other sync modes).
Type: Boolean
If true, the scanner will begin scanning immediately upon entering sync mode, rather than waiting for the start scan trigger.
Type: Boolean
If true, begin scanning on the rising edge of the start scan trigger, otherwise on the falling edge.