JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace

RawScan Members

The RawScan type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method GetEnumerator
Gets an enumerator over all RawScanPoint objects in this RawScan.


  Name Description
Public property Flags
The warning flags encountered on this scan.
Public property Inputs
The values on the input lines of the head when the scan was taken.
Public property Item
Access a RawScanPoint by index in the collection.
Public property LaserOnTime
The amount of time the laser was on, in microseconds.
Public property Location
Encoder count when the RawScan was taken.
Public property NumberOfPoints
The number of points in this RawScan.
Public property SendLocation
Encoder count when the RawScan was returned from the scan head.
Public property TimeInHead
The number of milliseconds from the time the scan head was started until the scan was requested.