JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace

JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace


  Class Description
Public class DiscoveryResponse
DiscoveryResponse objects contain information reported by scanners on the network when using the discovery functions. The discovery functions FindAllScanners()()()(), FindScanner(Int32) and FindAllScanners(ScannerConfig..::..ScannerResponseDelegate), will return one DiscoveryResponse per scanner found.
Public class JcamNetVersion
Public class Profile
The Profile class contains measured profile data from the scanner.
Public class RawScan
A RawScan contains raw, untransformed data points detected by the scan head. The data contained in a RawScan is not useful for measurement.
Public class Scanner
The Scanner object represents a connection to a JoeScan scanhead accessible through the network. It allows access to the configuration, profile collection, synchronized scanning and debugging functions of an individual scanner.
Public class ScannerCommunicationException
Exception thrown when a communication error occurs between the scanner and the client.
Public class ScannerConfig
ScannerConfig provides access to the JoeScan scan head detection routines.
Public class ScannerImage
ScannerImage objects represent the camera images from the scanner used primarily for debugging issues with the scanner. The image is a black and white 8 bit image.
Public class ScannerOperationException
Exception thrown when a scanner operation fails.


  Structure Description
Public structure OldCalibrationValue
Public structure ProfileDataPoint
A single data point in a profile suitable for measurement. For efficiency, in JCamNet this is implemented as a struct, not a class, so it follows value-type semantics.
Public structure RawScanPoint
A data point in a raw (untransformed) scan used for diagnostics only.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate Connector
Public delegate ScannerConfig..::..ScannerResponseDelegate
ScannerResponseDelegate provides a callback delegate to be called when a scanner is discovered on the network.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataPointStatus
A status indicator for scans which indicates the brightness of a detected point in a scan.
Public enumeration InputFlags
Flags that indicate the status of the signal lines on the scan head when the scan was taken. StartScan by default is triggered on a falling edge, (see, so the flag is typically set.
Public enumeration ScanFlags
Public enumeration ScannerIpSetup
Enumeration which controls the method used to determine a scanner's IP address when configuring a scanner.