JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace

Scanner..::..GetStatusValues Method

Get an array of status values supported by this head.

Namespace:  JoeScan.JCamNet
Assembly:  JoeScan.JCamNet (in JoeScan.JCamNet.dll)


public uint[] GetStatusValues()

Return Value

An array of uints containing the status values. The index of the value can be used to get a textual description from GetStatusDescription(Int32).


When using GetStatusValues you must make sure that the value you want to use is available, as not all hardware configurations support all status codes. Currently, the following status values are supported:
IndexDescriptionExample Value
0DSP Version Code [OBSOLETE]0
1Mode: 0-init, 1-idle, 2-expose, 3-scan [OBSOLETE]0
2Host Request: 0-none,1-scan cam, 2-laser scan [OBSOLETE]0
3Current camera exposure time205895
4Current laser on time250
5Current encoder count4294966296
6Optically Isolated inputs415
7Results of last Host Interface communication [OBSOLETE]0
8Encoder value, reset to zero at scan start4294966296
9FPGA Version517
10Cable ID0
11Scan Server Version133295
12Serial Number1465
13Scale Factor. Divide by this to convert to inches.25400
14Temp in 0.001 deg. C1000000
The order of items is guaranteed not to change. The temperature sensor is not available on all hardware and will return the value shown above as a default instead.