JoeScan.JCamNet Namespace

Scanner..::..GetDiagnosticScan Method

Request a raw, untransformed scan from the scanner while directly specifying the laser and camera exposure times. This function requires firmware revision 13817 and higher.

Namespace:  JoeScan.JCamNet
Assembly:  JoeScan.JCamNet (in JoeScan.JCamNet.dll)


public RawScan GetDiagnosticScan(
	int cameraExposure,
	int laserExposure,
	int laserNumber


Type: Int32
Time in microseconds to expose the camera.
Type: Int32
Time in microseconds to expose the laser.
Type: Int32
Number of laser to fire.

Return Value

An untransformed scan from the scanner.


Scans are generally used for debugging purposes and are not useful for measurement. This type of scan can be useful to detect environmental problems with ambient light that could interfere with measurement, by specifying a laser exposure time of 0, and a relatively short camera exposure time. Use GetProfile()()()() for measurement.