JCam DLL API Reference
JoeScan API Documentation


Developing Applications With The API

In order to create a program that uses the API, you must #include jcam_dll.h in your own source code and link to the jcam_dll.lib file in your project. In Visual C++ .NET 2003, this is accomplished by going to:

Project > Properties > Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies

From there, enter the location of the jcam_dll.lib file. I suggest that you put it in your project directory.

Static Linking

If you statically link the API functions into your own application, you won't need to distribute jcam_dll.dll with your application. However, you do need to do five things:

  • Link jcam_dll.lib with your project.
  • #define JCAM_STATIC_LIB
  • #include jcam_dll.h
  • Use the joescan namespace.
  • Call jsInitialize() before calling any other Joescan API functions.
#include "jcam_dll.h"
using namespace joescan;
main(int argc, char ** argv)
if(jsInitialize() == FALSE)
//Your code goes here...

Dynamic Linking

If you dynamically link the API functions to your own application, you will need to distribute jcam_dll.dll with your application. jsInitialize() will be automatically called by the Windows dynamic library loader. That leaves you with five things you must do:

  • Link jcam_dll.lib with your project.
  • Distribute jcam_dll.dll with your application.
  • #define JCAM_DYNAMIC_LIB
  • #include jcam_dll.h
  • Use the joescan namespace.

You should put the jcam_dll.dll file in your project's Debug and Release directories so your program runs when you test it. When you distribute your application, the jcam_dll.dll file must be in the search path for the program, probably the install directory.

#include "jcam_dll.h"
using namespace joescan;

All the symbolic constants used in this manual are defined in the file jcam_dll.h.

The joescan Namespace

If you're using C++, you can either use the joescan namespace as above and in the examples, or you can fully qualify its members. For example:

Yes, this is very simple, basic stuff, but somewhere there's someone who's learning it for the first time.